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If you do wish to bring your own bottle our corkage charges are as follows:

Table Wine: Bottle £15, ½Bottle £8    Sparkling Wine: Bottle £18, ½Bottle £10

Fortified Wines, Spirits or Liqueurs: Bottle £24, ½Bottle £12


“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.”  Ben. Franklin



“The taste of a good wine is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”  Hubrecht Duijker


For our finest wines we can offer Riedel Sommeliers 24% lead crystal,

mouth-blown and hand-made glasses though because of their high price

any breakages may have to be charged for @ 50% of their retail price

“It is difficult to enjoy a good wine in a bad glass.”  Evelyn Waugh, Wine in Peace and War


Please do feel free to ask for advice when choosing your wine, for it was a character in an early Kingsley Amis novel who probably summed up what many people experience about wine - when the waiter flourished the bottle, he looked it over critically and said: “Yes, that’s nice and full!. And finally, we do have a Wine Aroma Education Kit and tasting glasses are available.


“Only the first bottle is expensive!”  French Proverb


 Bloodstream of the Auld Alliance “Fresche fragrant clairettis  William Dunbar [James IV’s court poet]






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