1 course £44.50, 2 courses £53.50 or 3 courses £62.50

any specific allergies or food intolerances we can supply allergen information-but please do inform us of them before ordering!


all with Tasters etc. served throughout Dinner:
Olives & Pickles;
Bread & Biscuit Basket with Butter Board, Cullisse Oil, Cultured & Sea Salted Butters;
Chilled Broccoli & Almond or Smoked Salmon Mousse;
Woodland Potage(mushroom & herb soup or Cullen Skink(smoked haddock, onion & potato soup);
Asparagus & Hollandaise or Frozen Oyster Bloody Mary;
Rhubarb, Gin & Strawberry Water Ice;
Heather & Honey Tea;
Berwick Cockles(soft crumbly peppermints)



Grapefruit Morangie
char-grilled with Demerara sugar & malt whisky
Bradan Orach Smoked Salmon
with asparagus, potato & spring onion Hollandaise
Cape Wrath Oysters [c120g]:
4 Raw or Grilled with Butter
or 3 à la Thermidor
baked in a brandy, cheese, mustard & shallot sauce, breadcrumb crust
Coquilles St. Jacques au Beurre d'Ail
rosemary-skewered scallops; truffle oil croûtons; seaweed; garlic butter; coral powder
Highland Cock-a-Leekie
chicken, haggis, leek & prune broth
The Monarch of the Glen Parfait
smooth venison pâté with Agen prune; fava, pea & crispy onion salad




Asparagus & Spinach Stovies
asparagus, spinach, onion & potato in a creamy cheese
& mustard sauce with an oatmeal crust; salad garnish
Vegan Chestnut Curry
cooked with coconut cream & spinach; saffron rice etc.
Traditional or Vegetarian Haggis
sheep's offal or walnut steamed oatmeal suet pudding;
clapshot [potato, spring onion & turnip mash]; whisky sauce
Steamed Darne of Bradan Rost
hot smoke-roasted salmon; dill & rhubarb sauce; lemon confit
Whole Lobster in the Shell
roasted with garlic or salted butter
Lobster "Bouillabaise"
local Provençal-style soup/stew; garlic croûtes; rouille
Shellfish & Mushroom Thermidor
lobster, mushroom, oysters & scallop baked in a brandy,
cheese, mustard & shallot sauce; breadcrumb crust
Barbary Duck Leg Confit
with an orange & whisky gravy & walnut skirlie
Braised Venison Shank
wild red deer in a rich port, redcurrant & vegetable sauce



Side Dishes
[per table serving]
Chipped Potatoes with Duck Fat Mayonnaise  £4.95
Petit Pois à la Française  £5.25
peas; herbs; iceberg lettuce; onion; sugar; vegetable jus



Affogato al Caffè "Corretto"
ice cream drowned by an espresso with a dash of liqueur or spirit
Atholl Calders Glacé
fried "drawer" porridge; ice cream; raspberries;
bee pollen; honey oatmeal & whisky syrup
Banana Brioche Pudding
with Pinã Colada ice cream
Canelé au Marzipan aux Abricots
apricot marzipan dumplings steamed in Amaretto; Nutella ice cream
Crème Brûlées
banana, Café Mocha, ginger or natural
Typsy Laird of Skye Trifle
Drambuie custard; almonds; raspberries; ratafias; sponge; whipped cream
White Chocolate Mousse
with Cointreau & edible gold leaf
Angels on Horseback
3 oysters grilled in bacon; sautéed samphire
Tain Blue Cheese
with gin & quince jelly & oatcakes



Traditional, Purely Banana, Nutella or Strawberry
Crowdie Ice Cream or a Sorbet [per scoop] £3.50
&/or Bowl of Berries £5.50
Jug of Cream £1.25; Whisky Chocolate Sauce £5.25


all with Chocolate Malt Whisky Brownie;
Raspberry Custard Tartlet;
Walnut & Butterscotch Shortbread
Cafetière [per guest] £4.50
blended Arabicas or decaffeinated Columbian
Teapot [per guest] £4.50
black, green, oolong, white or herbal
Continental Cups £4.75
caffè latte or espressos
Freshly-Roasted Coffee [per guest] £5.25
Brazilian Arabica  Santos NY SCR2/3 17/18 SS
Columbian Arabica  Condor Medellin Supremo
Costa Rican Arabica  TUJ San Marcos de Tarrazú
Indonesian [Java] Arabica  Lintong Grade 1 A Zamrud
or Kenyan Arabica  AA  Gethembwini Estate
Irish-style Coffees £8.95
a liqueur or spirit cream-layered black coffee






all with Tasters etc.; Olives & Pickles;
Bread & Biscuit Basket
with Butter Board, Cullisse Oil, Cultured & Sea Salted Butters;
Chilled Broccoli & Almond or Smoked Salmon Mousse; Woodland Potage or Cullen Skink
Asparagus & Hollandaise or Iced Oyster Virgin Mary; Sorbet; Heather & Honey Tea; Berwick Cockles
1 course £13.75, 2 courses £17.00
or 3 courses £20.50



Frozen Grapes & Cheese Cubes
Heinz Tomato Soup; Croûtons
Smoked Salmon Selection
Potato & Onion Stovies
with pork sausage or spinach
Aberdeen Angus Burger
brioche bun; garlic mayonnaise or tomato ketchup
Ice Cream Palette
Traditional & strawberry crowdie ice cream, inclusions & toppings
Banana Chocolate Fondue